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Case study

Postby Jashvant shah » 28 Apr 2017, 15:11

Patient Name: Ms.GANGARAMANI
Major Health problem: Thyroid, Blood Pressure, Insomnia.
Problem shown in health report: Emotional Pressure shows Anxiety disorder which may be the reason of insomnia.
Energy level is 50 joules with 95% balance.
High energy is seen in throat, larynx and trachea.
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Jashvant shah
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Re: Case study

Postby Dmitry_Orlov » 02 May 2017, 16:12

Dear Dr. Shah,
Quickly looking at this scan I can say following:
1. Energy depletion in: spine, head zone (hypothalamus i.e.), nervous system (both hands).
2. Problems with spine can easily lead to Blood pressure and insomnia problems.

If you have followed the standard procedure of scanning a client (patient) - you should have had additional scan (after the physical load/exercises). This scan would have shown us the reaction of the body to the physical stress.
Most probably this person has low daily physical activity - that is one of the main reasons of Insomnia.

It is very dangerous to make conclusions about person's energy state basing them on 1 measurement.
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