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Can the Bio-Well software be used under a "user" account?

PostPosted: 25 May 2017, 17:50

We just installed the Bio-Well software on one of our computers running Windows XP and were unpleasantly surprised to find out it did not install on every Windows accounts but only on the administrator account under which we launched the install program. The install program did not give us the choice to install the software on all accounts either.

For security reasons, our computers are set-up in such a way, our day-to-day operations are performed under a "user" account with restricted credentials. The administrator account is merely used to install and update software.

When we logged into the "user" account, the Bio-Well software was not listed in the Start menu programs. We moved the Start menu shortcut from the Administrator's account to "All users", but then only the folder is visible, not the shortcut itself.

It there any way we can use the software under a "user account?

Thank you, in advance, for your attention and reply.

Re: Can the Bio-Well software be used under a "user" account

PostPosted: 07 Jun 2017, 16:29
by Dmitry_Orlov
You can create a shortcut of the program yourself. Just go to the folder of the Bio-Well software. It should help.
Also consider that Windows XP is supported only till 5.5.3 version of the Bio-Well software.

Re: Can the Bio-Well software be used under a "user" account

PostPosted: 05 Jul 2017, 21:05
Hello Dmitry,

Just to keep a reference on the forum, allowing Windows user accounts to open the software entails more than just creating a shortcut on these users' desktops. It involves tweaking the access rights of the software's install and application folders, which is rather troublesome and may cause the software to behave in an unstable manner. Such access is normally restricted to administrator accounts and normal users cannot open them. Thank you, in advance, if you can have your developer look into this issue and have installshield install the software for all users, not just for the current one.