Workshop in the city of alchemist

Workshop in the city of alchemist

Postby Tatiana » 27 Jul 2015, 13:34

Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague

Prague is the Golden City of alchemists and magicians. I an effort to create the fabled Philospher's Stone, Prague has, since ancient times, attracted both great scientists and less well known students and researchers.

Now, in the magical beauty of Prague we are organizing the second Bio-Well workshop in the city.
The Bio-Well workshop is a 12 hour session of information from the man who also developed the Camera, and as such knows it inside and out.

Dr Dmitry Orlov, who has worked with Dr Konstantin Korotkov for 7 years, is the top expert for this training, as well as being the
managing director of the Bio-Well company. Dr Orlov wants to share his experience and teach you to use the GDV Bio-Well camera to full effect.

The workshop is being held in Prague from September 25th to 27th.
Details here:

About the first Bio-Well workshop in Prague

I wish to thank you again for all your support before, during and, now, after the Seminar.
You were/are p-e-r-f-e-c-t!

Thanks for the workshop - it was a great experience. I appreciate everyone's time and efforts to make that happen!

Thank you again for putting this together. It was a great experience. Dmitry and everyone putting this together was great. I really appreciate all of the effort and time that went in to this. Thank you all so much!!

Coordinators of Workshop. I was impressed with those charged with coordinating the Workshop, such as Monika. She was always timely in responding to any questions I had about attending the workshop and, importantly, had useful information to share regarding the Workshop. A+

Lead Presenter of Workshop. What can you say about Dmitri. I have had the privilege to attend some of the best universities in the USA, Stanford and Univ. of California at Berkeley, for example. Also, I have attended many conferences over the years worldwide. Most presenters share their information in a 2-dimensional manner and their communication style rarely adds to their presentation. Dmitri, on the other hand, is a presenters presenter which is to say he is the best of the best. Dmitri presents his information 4-dimensionally if not inter-dimensionally with well-placed humor, wisdom and a superior level of knowledge. I have seen many presenters over the years, and I must say he is the best I have ever experienced -- and I have had contact with other Russian presenters having been invited to international conferences by the former Soviet Academy of Science and have completed a Fulbright living in Moscow some time ago. I enjoyed learning about the energy link between connective tissue/meridians and the body and, of course, the GDV camera. I rate Dmitri at A+++.
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