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Biocore usage

Postby RichardH » 14 Jun 2016, 14:25

In using the Biocore, I am wondering what the reason is that the music files are approx 9 minutes, but the Biocore unit itself is programmed to run for only around 5 minutes.
Is there a reason for this?

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Re: Biocore usage

Postby Irina Sokolova » 16 Jun 2016, 14:53

Hi Richard,

According to the BioCor manual:
"Channel 1 (additional inductor): works for 5 minutes (EHF is emitted) and then it is switched OFF. Channel 2 (inductor on the headset): works in cycles – 1 minute in active regime (EHF emission), then 1 minute in passive regime (no EHF). This cycle is repeated 3 times."
Thus, the first channel works for 5 minutes, and the second either works or is paused.
The limit of 5 minutes is determined by the necessity of dozing the High frequency impact.
You can listen to any music using a BioCor device, not only the music generated in the Bio-Well program. As for the songs, they can be of absolutely different duration.

Best regards,
Irina Sokolova
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Re: Biocore usage

Postby RichardH » 19 Jul 2016, 14:35

Thank you Irina,
Sorry for my late acknowledgment. I have only just now found your response.
I am experimenting with doing more that one cycle with the Biocore whilst playing the sound file through twice,and having good results.
I have yet to try it on other music, but assume that I just keep switching the Biocore on again throughout the
playing of the music every time it turns itself off after the 5 mins.

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