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Bio-Well Software Updates

Postby Dmitry_Orlov » 29 Sep 2014, 10:15

Bio-Well software update release 4.4.2 from 29 September 2014

1. Czech language added.
Thanks to our official distributor in Czech Republic - Dušan Přikryl (
2. Slovenian language added.
Thanks to our official reseller in Slovenia – Jure Jeraj.
3. In Health status and Energy status diagrams full name of organ is displayed when hovering by mouse.
4. New parameter in Health status tab – Integral area = sum of all organs values. Displayed for each hand in the bottom of the diagram.
5. New parameter in Energy status tab – Integral energy = sum of all organs values. Displayed for each hand in the bottom of the diagram.
6. In editing of the captured images the default size of the brush is increased till 14 pixels.
7. In Balance and Organs energy tabs - Prostate is added in a separate line.
8. During Calibration process is added automatic control of the right positioning of the cylinder on the surface of the glass electrode.
9. Mistakes corrected in downloading off-line files.
10. Perturbation of the image’s spectrum during editing of the captured image is corrected.
11. In Report after the table of Energy and Misbalance of organs and systems new Balance parameter is added – Medium balance (for testing).
12. Bio-Clip regime is suspended.
13. [English version only] In Organs energy tab - “Energy” word is added in the name of each organ and system.

Please write all your questions regarding the update in the comments below.
Thank you!
Update details
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Re: Bio-Well Software Updates

Postby Dmitry_Orlov » 27 Nov 2014, 14:51

Bio-Well Software update release 4.5.1 from 26th November 2014

1. Switching to Chinese language is corrected.
2. Corrections in Slovenian translation.
3. Zones borders in Health Diagram altered:
Green zone is increased.
Was: from -0,6 to 0,6.
Now: from -1 to 0.6.
4. Rectum is removed from the list of Musculoskeletal system in the “Organs energy” tab.
5. Changes in the sectors naming:
Coccyx, Pelvis minor zone, Prostate energy -> Coccyx, Pelvis minor zone energy
Prostate -> Prostate (for men)
Sacrum, Prostate -> Sacrum
6. In the “Chakras” tab new parameter added – Index. Index is equal to Average Alignment*Chakras Energy Summ/correction coefficient. Varies from 0 to 100%.
7. Size and Emotional-physical misbalance parameters are removed from the Chakras info.
8. Table with values of chakras is removed from the automatically generated report.
9. In the tab “Analysis” color of the norm is changed to Green for the Stress histogram.
10. In the tabs: “Energy field”, “Chakras”, “Health status” and “Energy status” control buttons are moved to the top of the screen.
11. Links for “Forgot password” and “Register” are corrected in the authorization window.
12. Diagram “Energy status” is now named “Energy reserve”.
13. In the tab “Energy reserve” new button is added – “Show health status” – when active “Health status” diagram appears on top of “Energy reserve” diagram. It makes easier the comparison.
14. In the tab “Analysis” new parameter (histogram) is added – “Organs balance”.
It is calculated as average balance of all organs and systems.
15. Translations are corrected.
Translators of their local language versions please correct the automatically translated lines.
16. In the tab “Balance” - “Eyes” and “Prostate (for men)” removed from the list.
17. In the “Analysis” tab colors in “Energy” histogram are changed.
Now: Low energy – Red, High energy – Yellow.
19. Added function of deleting parts of the experimental curve in the “Environment” regime.
Обновление 4.5.1 Рус
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Release 4.5.1 English
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Re: Bio-Well Software Updates

Postby anita » 28 Nov 2014, 15:55

I have some questions:
I think I do not really understand what is energy reserve, because
1- why optimal energy reserve is at same level than health status, just in the middle? It would not be better to have as much as possible (yellow area)? (I see they have different scales...)
2- the higher the difference between health status and energy reserves, the better, isn't it?
3- Why the report shows energy status and not health status??
4- If global energy (analysis) is normal, but health status is in red area, what does it means? although there is enough energy, organs can not reach it? I know health status is based on area, and energy in a calculation, but... how can we translate it into easy words? enough quality but not enough quantity ?
5- green numbers undern diagrams, (global calculation), what do they mean? which would be a reference value to compare with??

great improvements in this update!!!!
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Re: Bio-Well Software Updates

Postby Dmitry_Orlov » 08 Dec 2014, 19:24

Answering the questions about Energy Reserve.
1. Energy reserve is amount of energy that the organism possess at the present moment. If there is too much energy - it is bad also as usual organism is not used to have so much energy for a long time.
It can be a good thing to have maximum Energy Reserve if you are planning to run 100m within 9 seconds right now, but it is not good to have such a high Reserve for a long period of time.
That is why Yellow zone is stilll there.
2. Main thing here is - Energy reserve should be higher than Health status diagram. Opposite situation means that organism is exhausted.
3. We will fix this in the next update. Report will show both diagrams.
We are working on making report a better and higher quality thing for your clients.
4. When Health status diagram is in red, but Reserves are good, I would interpret it as temporary exhaustness, but with potential to restore the energy yourself.
5. This is integral Area and integral Energy. They are experimental parameters. We are collecting data on them. In the next update we will give some useful interpretation on them.

We are constantly working on making the Bio-Well system better!
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Re: Bio-Well Software Updates

Postby Dmitry_Orlov » 25 Dec 2014, 20:08

1. Index is the overall state of the chakras - integral parameter, that takes into consideration their balance and their size.

2. Please refer to the instructions that are available for download here - viewtopic.php?f=11&t=26

3. Yes, we are planning to do so and start collecting these cases with interpretation included and possibly some medical scans added as proofs.

4. Yes, colors on images are photoshop, but their distribution can give some information. In example, if you have very thick red and orange colors (low intensity) light then it can correspond to some kind of mental or psychic influences, so-called "field" effect. Also such exsessive emission can be due to meditative or ASC.
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Re: Bio-Well Software Updates

Postby Dmitry_Orlov » 01 Apr 2015, 13:39

Bio-Well software update 5.0 from 1st of April 2015

1. Window with description of Chakras is changed.
2. Full Screen mode can be cancelled by pressing ESC.
3. Average energy of Chakras is added.
4. New colored zones are added for Chakras: Green - norm, Yellow and Red - deviated state. Interface between Yellow and Red is experimental and will be adjusted according to statistical analysis afterwards.
5. Seconds are excluded from naming of experiments.
6. New representation of names on diagrams.
7. Organs Balance graph is moved to the Balance tab.
8. After finish of the calibration a pop-up window is dispayed.
9. New mode "Scan After".
10. Two versions of interface - Professional (with two columns) and Personal (as in old version, but without comments field).
11. Right click on the Energy field to show the fragment in bigger scale.
12. In Environment mode it is possible to add multiple labels with fixed interval between them.
13. "Deviation E" parameter is excluded from graphs in Environmental mode.
14. New button "Received" - shows you the experiments sent to you by other Bio-Well users.
15. New function of adding labels to the clients list and filtering according to the labels selected.
16. New button "Recent" - displays the most recent captures.
17. "Account" button is moved to the bottom left corner of the screen.
18. New mode "BioClip" is added.
19. Calibration for Sputnik is not needed now and was excluded from this version.

More detailed information about the updated version you can find in the new version of the Bio-Well manual (attached here for convenience).

We are continuing our work on making the Bio-Well software a better experience for you and your clients!

If you have any comments of proposals please write them here or send them to

Please inform your clients and take care of helping them to shift to the newest version.

Thank you for being with us!

2015 03 Bio-Well 5 Manual.pdf
Bio-Well 5.0 Manual
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Re: Bio-Well Software Updates

Postby Dmitry_Orlov » 20 Jul 2015, 19:27

Bio-Well Software release 5.1.0 from 4th July 2015

1. Yin/Yang subprogram is added. Energies of Yin and Yang meridians are calculated and overall ratio of Yin and Yang energies is displayed.
2. System of automatic update of the BIo-Well software.
3. Now when you look at the detailed parameters of any finger you can see them highlighted according to the norms of the specific parameter.
4. In order to see the definition of finger's sectors paramters and their norms you have to click the button "Description" in the bottom right corner or the window. Pop-up window will appear with all detailed descriptions.
5. In the BioClip mode graph StDevE is removed, StDevS graph is renamed into Variations.
6. New function: CTRL and SHIFT buttons for group selection. Use CTRL button in order to select several cards or several experiments, or SHIFT button in order to select all cards or experiments between two selected. (Then you can move the selected items to another card or send them to another Bio-Well user).
7. New function: Labels for experiments. Now you can assign labels not only to the cards in your database, but also to the experiments.
8. Results of the statistical analysis of Environmental experiments now can be exported to CSV file.
9. Jaws/Teeths are now represented only once in the Balance tab.
10. Now the default path of saving the files from the Bio-Well software will be the last path you have used.
11. Speed of program functioning is improved.
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Re: Bio-Well Software Updates

Postby Dmitry_Orlov » 02 Oct 2015, 13:12

Bio-Well Software release 5.1.1 from 29th July 2015

1. Yin/Yang icon is changed.
2. In the Automatic report images are inserted in high resolution.
3. It became possible to edit images in the Automatic report. New functions:
- Inserting the images with the use of Drag&Drop;
- Inserting images from a file;
- Pasting from the clipboard;
- Resizing the images by dragging the edges of the image.
- Resizing to the exact size – right click on the image and select “Resize image…”
4. Interpretation of the colors of the meridians energy is added at the bottom of the right column in Yin/Yang tab.
5. Corrections in German translation.
6. BioClip regime is added to the searching options.
7. Curves are now shown in the BioClip mode.
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Re: Bio-Well Software Updates

Postby Dmitry_Orlov » 02 Oct 2015, 13:37

Bio-Well Software release 5.1.2 and 5.1.3 from 23rd September 2015

1. Changes in the design of the finger glow information pop-up window.
2. New parameter is added to the Statistical report of the Environment regime experiments – “Activity Level of Environment” (experimental parameter). It is calculated for intervals with more than 360 captures. It also has scale for interpretation of the value. For more details about this parameter please read - ... 3dQei0zdlU & ... sp=sharing
3. Bug with program crash in case of 100% scale of the results in Statistics for Environment regime experiments is fixed.
4. Error in calculation of Deviation S parameter in Statistic for Environment regime experiments is fixed.
5. Error with creation of empty offline experiments is fixed.
6. Energy and Balance values are now showed in the Automatic report.
7. BioClip regime is renamed to Meditation. Explanation of the Meditation regime please see in the updated version of the Bio-Well Manual ( ... r-2015.pdf)
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Re: Bio-Well Software Updates

Postby Dmitry_Orlov » 02 Oct 2015, 13:39

Bio-Well Software release 5.1.4 from 2nd October 2015

1. Bug with inability to close the window with finger parameters details is fixed (for MAC).
2. Pop-up window with finger image was always on top of all screens — fixed.
3. Phrases with interpretation of Chakra's sides are added. Calculation and interpretation are preserved.
4. Yin/Yang summ percentage is now equal to 100%, not 99%.
5. In the automatic report if you click on the image – the new line in the menu has appeared – “Copy image to clipboard”.
6. In the Information pop-up window (in the Calibration tab) new line has been added – Serial number of the device.
7. Activity Level of Environment parameter bar is now colored according to the scale.
8. Logs are being written constantly. They include: all commands, exchange of the Bio-Well software by Internet, captured images, plus information about OS and ChipID of the Bio-Well device.
9. New line added “Save debug information” to the “Account” button menu. Now you can automatically save all the needed information about functioning of the Bio-Well software and Bio-Well device to an archive (ZIP file) and send it to technical support person – your local official Bio-Well distributor.
10. Minor bugs fixes.
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