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Postby Dmitry_Orlov » 21 May 2018, 15:12

Bio-Well Software update release from 21st of May 2018.

1. Starting from this version Bio-Well software is able to work with Bio-Well 2.0 model!
2. Mistakes in calculation of Health Status diagram and HS parameter values are fixed.
3. In Comparison of «One finger» scans a new feature is added - «Analysis». Click on it in order to get another view of the graphs called «Box-and-whisker plot» (read here — It allows you to apply statistical analysis to the «One finger» scans and assess if there is a statistically significant difference between them.
4. Bio-Well software is no longer supporting Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you are using one of these operation systems do not update the Bio-Well software.
5. Bio-Well 2.0 calibration procedure is different: it takes up to 20 seconds to pass the calibration in any conditions. You don“t need to take any additional actions: just set up calibraiton cylinder, connect it with the ground exit of the Bio-Well GDV Camera and click «Start». Within 20 seconds it will be finished.
6. It is possible to set the interval between the captures in «Environment» mode in microseconds:
- for BW 1.0 it can be set to 5 seconds (5000ms), 10, 20, 30 or 60 seconds;
- for BW 2.0 it starts from 1 second (1000ms).
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