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A few questions

Postby gnigh » 15 Dec 2017, 06:14

I'm not seeing recent activity in this forum, so not sure if it is still active. I recently got my Bio-Well, so I'm hoping I might get a few questions answered:

1) On the Chakra tab, it seems to me that the "Yin" and "Yang" labels are flipped. All the other characteristics are grouped appropriately, but Yin is labeled as extrovert, social, etc., and Yang is with the introverted characteristics. Is that just a glitch on my device? That is the opposite of my understanding (and training (Master of Science Oriental Medicine)).

2) I work with some really really ill patients (cancer, Lyme disease, mold toxicity, etc). I have run the Bio-Well on about half a dozen representative patients. They have, every last one of them, come out showing almost perfect yin/yang balance, all are optimal in their emotional pressure, their energy, and everything else measured. They have few organ imbalances, etc. In other words, what it is reading, and what I know to be the case with these patients, is radically divergent. Many of them are very overtly ill.

This led me to think that maybe my own energy was influencing the reading on my patients. So I did an experiment in the clinic. A colleague of mine has more stress, more physical pain, etc. than I do. We did a Bio-Well reading three times in a row on a third individual in our clinic: Once with just me as the operator and my colleague out of the room, once with my colleague as the operator and me out of the room, and once with us both in the room (but me doing the actual machine operation). What came through was quite dramatic, actually, and was most obvious on the chakra image.

The degree of left/right shift on each of the chakras was quite different depending on who was in the room. With the exception of one chakra, when my colleague was the operator the chakras were shifted fairly significantly left or right on the subject being tested. When I was the operator the chakras were much more modestly shifted left/right. When both I and my colleague were in the room during the testing, the chakras were almost always in between those two positions, and on a few chakras almost exactly at the half way point between the other two measures.

While on the one hand it is great that my patients can be balanced in that way, it is also preventing me from really seeing the true state of their energy system.

I'm hoping someone can tell me if there is a way to "shield" the patient I'm testing from my own presence so that I can see their energy independent of my own.

3) Finally, there is a "Meditate" tab, but I'm unclear how to utilize that and don't know where to find information about that. Can someone point me to a resource not only on that particular tab, but is there a manual that reviews in detail how to interpret the findings within each of the tabs of the analysis? For instance, what is the clinical significance of a left/right imbalance in the Spleen?

Thanks for any insights. I'm thrilled to be incorporating this into my practice as part of my ongoing assessment of patients.

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