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How to send us logs from Bio-Well program in MAC OS

PostPosted: 27 May 2014, 23:00
by Dmitry_Orlov
1. When you started program for the first time did program asked for Administrator password? Have you entered it and pressed ok?
When you send us log file please answer this question also.

2. Provide us the log file:
- Go to: /Applications/Utilities and start Terminal by double clicking it.
- In the opened window write:
/Applications/ -d
- Bio-Well program will start in the debug mode automatically.
- When you close the program then open the Terminal once again and type there:

cp "/Users/admin/Library/Application Support/Bio-Well/Bio-Well/logs/debug.html" ~/Desktop

- After execution of this command file "debug.html" will appear on the desktop.

Please send us this file!