How to send us logs from Bio-Well program in Windows

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How to send us logs from Bio-Well program in Windows

Postby Dmitry_Orlov » 27 May 2014, 23:03

1. Disconnect all devices from USB (even mouse if possible).
2. Please download new version of Bio-Well from the official web-site.
3. Install the program under the Administrator account or right click on the EXE file and select “Run as Administrator”.
4. Right click the icon of the Bio-Well program on your desktop and select “Properties”.
5. In the opened window click the button “Open file location” or “Find target” (in Win XP).
6. In the opened window click twice on file “debug.bat” or simply “debug” (if file extensions are not shown).
7. Bio-Well will start automatically. Please log in.
8. Try to make some measurements.
9. Close Bio-Well program.
10. Open the path: “C:\Users\<name>\AppData\Local\BioWell\Bio-Well\logs”.
Caution! Instead of <name> please enter your Windows user name that you are currently logged in with.
You can do that by inserting this file path to the address line.
11. Please find there file “debug.html” and send it to us.
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