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Problems with subscriptions

Postby Dmitry_Orlov » 08 Oct 2014, 15:47

Dear Bio-Well users,

If your account contain multiple/duplicate subscriptions please see instructions below.
Our system routinely scans accounts for duplicate subscriptions and removes instances which may be on “Hold” or "Canceled" – usually due to an account upgrade or past declined payment (many users create a second or third account when they are unable to log into their first account).
Removal of these extra subscriptions will not affect your scan history, which is tied to your overall account (user name/password).

At your next convenience, please take a moment to log into your Bio-Well account to confirm your remaining subscription is active and associated with your Bio-Well device.
Please know that each Bio-Well device requires its own, separate subscription.

Duplicate accounts, and/or attempting to utilize multiple devices with a single account, usually results in a user being unable to log into their Bio-Well software.
Our system attempts to keep this from happening by removing subscriptions which may affect use of your account.

If you discover any issues related to the removal of your duplicate subscriptions, please contact
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