XX "Science. Information. Spirit." Congress 2-3.07.2016

XX "Science. Information. Spirit." Congress 2-3.07.2016

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We are glad to announce the 20th anniversary of "Science. Information. Spirit." congress!
XX International Scientific Congress "Science.Information.Spirit" - http://www.sis-congress.com
Every year for 20 years we are having this exciting event in St. Petersburg. The main goal is to gather people from all over the world, exchange ideas, results and projects in the field of frontier science and first of all – in the field of exploring Energy Fields in humans and nature.
This is scientific congress, but it is not only for scientists and researchers – public lectures of scientists from Russia, the USA, Europe and Asia are designed for wide circle of listeners.
In many years we had presentations by leading worldwide known scientists as well as researchers who are having interesting results, but not enough data for publishing in per-review journals. We have both oral presentation on plenary sessions and poster sessions – depending on the decision of the Organizing Committee. Participants from different countries may interact with each other during brakes, which allow to support an international community of friends and colleagues working in the same area. This is unique chance when you may easily talk with world-renowned scientists.
All selected papers are published in the Proceedings of the Congress and featured in Internet.
All lectures are translated to English and Russian, in case of delegations from particular country, translation to other languages are available.

Main topics of the Congress:
• Exploration of energy fields in humans and nature.
• GDV Electrophotonic Imaging in Medicine, Sports, environment study, consciousness research.
• Bio-Well development and applications.
• Water and its special properties – new science of water.
• The environment and its effect on human.

We invite you to take part in the Congress:

President of the Congress - Professor K.G. Korotkov
Scientific Committee:
Professor V.L. Voeikov, Russia
Professor A. I. Krashenyuk, Russia
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