Rheumatic heart disease case

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Rheumatic heart disease case

Postby dr.m.v.krishnamurthy » 18 Oct 2017, 19:39

A boy of 6 years was suffering from hyperactivity unable to concentrate and understand the things with other problems connected with digestion, nervine etc. At this stage, medical dowsing was done. (See the report) in the meanwhile, parents of the patient contacted the Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences on their own. They diagnosed the problem as Rheumatic heart disease you can see the report of dated 15-07-2017 and prescribed allopathic medicines. But, the parents of the patient were not interested for that and approached me for the holistic treatment. Accordingly, Kirlian scanning was done on 31-07-2016 and correlated the finding with the medical dowsing report dated 01-08-2016 (as shown). Both are one and the same, holistic treatment was continued with slight changes of prescription and change in lifestyle. Gradually, the child was improved and cheerful. On 05-02-2017 and 18-05-2017 compare was done with original Kirlian scanning which is self-explanatory of improvement for Holistic treatment. After this the parents again contacted Jayadeva Institute to find out the differences in the patient’s condition. Accordingly on 04-05-2017 they conducted further investigation and found improvement, on the basis of reports they advised to continue the same treatment which was prescribed by them. Here I want to make it clear that the parents of the patient never given the medicine prescribed by the institute (allopathy medicine) they stick only for holistic treatment.
See the attached files for detailed info.
On the virtue of these things it is very clear the malefied conditions in subtle body can be treated effectively by holistically, which will naturally acts on physical plane also by judicious approach , using medicine made by 9 precious gems and Ayurveda.
I am putting this into forum for mankind utility.
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Re: Rheumatic heart disease case

Postby RichardH » 05 Nov 2017, 01:23

Thank you for posting this. It is both wonderful and impressive to see such results.
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