Subscription changes from 01.01.2015

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Subscription changes from 01.01.2015

Postby Dmitry_Orlov » 16 Dec 2014, 12:23

Dear Bio‐Well Customer,

First, thank you for choosing to utilize Bio‐Well in your practice, research initiatives and personal energy measurement. We are grateful to have many hundreds of users successfully experiencing all the device has to offer!

In an effort to continually enhance and streamline our products and services, we are pleased to announce upcoming changes to our Bio‐Well Subscriptions.

Beginning January 1, 2015, Bio‐Well will offer a single subscription option – Pro. The price of the Pro Subscription will be reduced from $25/month to $20/month, and an Annual Subscription option will be available at $220/year.

Clients who are currently subscribed to either the Basic ($10) or Plus ($15) plans will be upgraded to Pro, at no cost, January 1 until February 28, 2015. Once this free 2‐month trial period ends, clients may choose to continue at the Pro level or cancel, if necessary.

The decision to eliminate the Basic and Plus levels is due to our clients’ overwhelming interest in the Pro plan. Most users have chosen to upgrade to Pro during their first month of service at the Basic or Plus levels, leaving very few people subscribed to those plans. With over 94% of Bio‐Well clients at the Pro level, we believe it to be the best option and have chosen to focus our efforts on enhancing the features and user experience of the single plan.

We sincerely hope our existing Basic and Plus subscribers understand our decision and will choose to continue with Pro after March 1, once they have had an opportunity to explore the additional features offered at that level during the free 2‐month trial period.

We are proud of our products and services, as well as the opportunity to serve you and the wellness community at‐large. If you have any questions or concerns, please send them to info@bio‐
Thank you for your patronage and loyalty as the evolution of Bio‐Well continues!

Best regards,
The Bio‐Well Team
Subscription changes 01.01.2015
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