1st Bio-Well Training & Certification Workshop in USA

1st Bio-Well Training & Certification Workshop in USA

Postby Dmitry_Orlov » 24 Aug 2014, 09:38

OM Dearest Friends and Colleagues,
Dr.Korotkov and I are delighted to have your participation in the first Bio-Well certification seminar in N.America.
This amazing and evolved GDV product called BIO-WELL by the inventor, Dr.Konstantin Korotkov; is completely based on CLOUD COMPUTING and can travel with you seamlessly.

1. Portable and simple to use.
2. Requires a USB 2.0 or higher to work.
3. Can operate from WINDOWS or MAC platform.
4. No external power requirements.
5. Vast and precise data at your fingertips in seconds.
6. Has a vast field of applications for measuring Energy of Wellness, in all bio systems, from Humans to nature.
7. Learn how to measure the "Thoughts we think is the world we create" via the environmental sensor.
8. Get practical aspects of application and learn the precise language of interpretation, into the depths of this advanced science of LIGHT.

This is a immense OPPORTUNITY to receive direct training from the INVENTOR .......in person! :) OM
Dates: Sep. 13/14 - 2014
Location: Boulder; CO

Also learn some revolutionary applications of Bio-Well from Krishna's expeditions to Bharat (INDIA), from Ag. to Wellness.
Please consider availing this gifted opportunity at our doorstep, and please share the enclosed attachment.
Also, to note.....spaces are filling up fast.......early registration can be a boon! :) OM
Namaste - Brilliance.
Bio-Well CERT. SEMINAR.pdf
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Re: 1st Bio-Well Training & Certification Workshop in USA

Postby smithss » 23 Sep 2014, 18:58

I am disappointed to have just learned about this workshop which was just minutes from my residence. It would be helpful to all Bio-Well users to prepare an email campaign targeted to users in certain geographical areas. I'm sure that information is available...

Thank you,
Shayn Smith
Boulder, CO
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