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Levels of learning

In order to clarify the situation with the trainings and certifcation under the brand of Bio-Well, we want to remind all of Bio-Well Ofcial Representatives and Bio-Well users in the world that:

1. Levels of certifcation in Bio-Well Community worldwide are:
   1.1. Basic level seminar passed - Bio-Well Specialist certifcate
   1.2. Basic level online participant - Bio-Well Basic level Seminar Attendee certifcate
   1.3. Advanced level without passed tests - Bio-Well Specialist of Advanced level certificateimg
   1.4. Advanced level online participant (without tests) - Bio-Well Advanced level seminar Attendee certifcate
   1.5. Advanced level with passed tests - Bio-Well Expert certifcate
   1.6. Bio-Well Distributor with both levels passed - Bio-Well Trainer (validity period is 2 years as the technology develops and Trainer should pass the reassessment.

2. There are only two persons who have the right to teach the ofcial Bio-Well 2nd level (Advanced) course and issue of the second level (Advanced, Expert & Trainer) Bio-Well certifcates - Dr. Korotkov and Dmitry Orlov. Their photo below. Nobody else have this right.

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You can find teachers here.

Bio-Well Seminars

Date Location Level Info
15-17 November 2018Brazil2Dmitry Orlov - or (Tel.: +55-19-35412431). More information here
23-24 November 2018Bludenz, Austria1 Certified Trainer Elisabeth Dornbierer(German) - GDV International Dornbierer - Find details (in French) here
28-29 November 2018Dubai, United Arab Emirates1 Holistic - Speaker - DMITRY ORLOV.
29-30 November 2018Hong Kong1 Gary Ching & Innokentii Rostkovskiy
Tel.: +852 24132098, +852 92114110. More information here
8-9 December 2018Taiwan2 DR DMITRY ORLOV
Tel.: +886-2-88663489
15-16 December 2018Toulouse, France2Korotkov K. Workshop 2 level - registration
15-16 December 2018Mumbai, India1DMITRY ORLOV Workshop 1 level - registration, +91 9619675721.
28-29 December 2018Bludenz, Austria1 Certified Trainer Elisabeth Dornbierer(German) - GDV International Dornbierer - Find details (in German) here
05-06 January 2019Hong Kong2Korotkov K. Workshop 2 level - registration
Tel.: +852 24132098, +852 92114110.
09-11 February 2019Borgo D'Ale, Italy2English/Italian (Dmitry Orlov / Khudai Daniela Enrico) - (Khudai Daniela Enrico, 0039-340-9753145 )
10-14 April 2019Kempten (Allgäu), Germany1Certified Trainer Hesham Sami (German) - Find details here

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Video lessons

You can see more videos at our yotube channel


The Bio-Well qiuck-start guide and product manuals contain important information needed to use your device, set up the attachments and navigate the software.

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