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Bio-Well Software Updates

Bio-Well Software Release from 07.06.2019

New in

  1. Alternative coloring pallete is deleted from single finger preview. Now only greyscale and stadnard coloring modes are left.
  2. In the Compare regime: notes are shown right under the name of the experiment.
  3. Minimal Mac OS is 10.10 starting from this version of the Bio-Well software (due to update of the libraries).
  4. Translation updates for Portuguese, Swedish and German languages.
  5. Fixed bug with full screen mode for MAC
  6. Fixed bug with the automatic report structure.
  7. Minor bug fixes.

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Bio-Well Software Updates

Bio-Well Software Release 5.9.0 from 27.02.2019

New in 5.9.0:

1. Names of the sectors now are different for male/female cards.

2. «L/R symmetry» parameter is renamed to «Balance».

3. «Emotional pressure» parameter is renamed to «Stress» as it is connected with overall stress and not only emotional.

4. «Health status» tab is renamed to «Area diagram», «Energy reserve» tab is renamed to «Energy diagram», so that their names will be congruent with the actual curves on the diagrams.

5. Colors on the «Analysis» tab are equal to ones on the «Energy diagram» and «Balance» tabs.

6. New formula is used for calculation of «Stress» parameter — more accurate and sensitive. It is applied only for BW 2.0 devices.

7. Urino-genital system is added to the «Balance» tab graph.

8. «Organs balance» parameter is substituted by «Organs imbalance» parameter. It is calculated now as an overall «Energy» dominance of one of the hands (for the organs and systems present on both hands) and is given in %.

9. In the «Environment» scan results it is possible to add labels manually by entering the exact time of the label from the start of the experiment.

10. Minor fixes in the functionality + bug fixes.

11. Updated translations + Slovenian language added (thanks to Bojan Dobaj).

Bio-Well Software Updates

On 1st of November 2018 we will release a new software 5.8.0 with the following list of updates:

  1. Comments are showed for each Scan in the Compare window. If you export the images comments will be added there too.
  2. You can change the Finger name in One Finger Scan even after Analyzing it. If you change the Finger name — all the data will be recalculated.
  3. Updated Czech and Traditional Chinese translation.
  4. New button: share Energy Field, Chakras or integral parameters from Analysis tab on Facebook, Telegram, Twitter or e-mail.
  5. Index parameter for Chakras has been removed due to inconsistencies found in our testing.
  6. 3D View was originally included as a fun graphical representation of a complete scan. However, as it has no informational purpose, and we have found most clients do not use it, we have decided to remove it as well.
  7. Meditation regime is removed, while Entropy parameter is added to Environment regime.
  8. Now you can see the actual fingers EPI/GDV images in «Stress test» regime results.
  9. Bug fixes.

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Bio-Well Upgrade

We are glad to announce the start of the Bio-Well 1.0 Upgrade Program.

All Bio-Well GDV Camera 1.0 owners may apply for an Upgrade, during which motherboard (PCBA) and video camera will be replaced with our latest versions — as standard in our Bio-Well 2.0 model - for 600 USD.

    New features and advantages available with a 1.0 Upgrade:
  1. Increased functionality and stability: Lower deviation of measurements means higher reproducibility due to new and improved versions of both the motherboard and video camera.
  2. Increased image capture rate: At 1 image per second (instead of 1 image per 5 seconds in 1.0), a “Full Scan” can be completed in 20 seconds.
  3. New Calibration process: Calibration of the 2.0 is much faster and more accurate as compared to our 1.0 model.
  4. New USB protocol: The Bio-Well GDV Camera 2.0 works with all 64-bit versions of the Mac OS (10.8 through 10.13) and Windows computers. This new protocol also provides faster data exchange between the 2.0 and the connected computer.*
  5. Improved Environment-mode feature: Activity Level of Environment (parameter) can now be calculated with a minimum of only 7 minutes of data (1 image per second), rather than the minimum 35 minutes (1 image per 5 seconds) necessary for Bio-Well 1.0.
  6. Future 2.0-only software feature updates: Due to the technological differences between our 2.0 and 1.0 models, most new features to be released in upcoming versions of the Bio-Well software will only be available for 2.0 users. One such feature will be automatic analysis of the gas discharge glow structure using an integrated artificial intelligence program which will assist users with defining problematic sectors in captured finger images.
  7. * Potential interference by 3rd party software, such as antivirus and antimalware protection, is still possible depending on a user’s computer configuration.

Watch an online video with Bio-Well 2.0 demonstration here.

Please download the file with full instructions and Bio-Well Service Centers details here.

Congress "Science. Information. Spirit"

XXII International Scientific Congress "Science. Information. Spirit." has been succesfully held in St. Petersburg. We had guests from all over the world: Indonesia, India, OAE, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Egypt, Germany, France, Spain, UK, Brazil and USA.

If you are interested in getting the recording of the congress - please write to and Irina will issue an invoice for you.

Please visit official website of the congress for the materials and photos:

After the congress Bio-Well Basic level seminar was held. 12 new Bio-Well Specialists has joined our community.

More photos on GDrive.

Bio-Well Software Updates

Actual Bio-Well software version is from 15th of June 2018.

New in 5.7.1:

1. Translation updates for several languages.

2. In the Compare subprogram for «One finger» mode measurements we have changed the mathematical formula for the graph «Boxes with whiskers»: whiskers now are representing standard deviation of the selected parameter.

3. Minor bug fixes.

New article

New article published about application of EPI/GDV Bio-Well in studying yoga therapy.

You can download it on our website or Gdrive.

Bio-Well Software Updates

Actual Bio-Well software version is 5.7.0 from 26th of March 2018.

New in 5.6.1:

1. Updated translation of the software and report for Czech, Swedish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese languages.

2. New features in generating automatic report:

 2.1. You can select the blocks of information that you want to include in the report. Just mark them and the rest (unmarked) will not be included.

 2.2. You can use your personal header and footer so that report will be personalized. You can upload header image with your company name and logo, and image with contact details in the footer.

 2.3. Report is divided into pages automatically: header and footer will be added on all of them.

 2.4. Pages are numerated.

 2.5. New block of information is added: conclusions and basic recommendations.

 2.6. Changes in font sizes and text arrangement.

3. Yin/Yang black and white sign with percentage is deleted from the subprogram Yin/Yang as it was not accurate and efficient. Energy values for the meridians are available.

4. New features and improvements in statistics (Environment and Meditation scans):

 4.1. Minimal interval for automatic labels setting is 1 minute (5 minutes in previous versions).

 4.2. Interval between the beginning of the experiment and the first label is now taken into consideration and is added to statistics. Same about interval between the last label and the end of the experiment.

 4.3. Actual values of the parameter for a specific interval are represented at the bottom table instead of the top of the bar.

5. Description words on the Chakra picture are improved + Energy of Chakras is presented with decimal digit.

You can find the history of the updates on the Bio-Well Forum - here.

Latest published papers and research data in 2015-2017

  • Korotkov Konstantin et al. Measurements with Sputnik during the sun eclipse in USA. 08-2017.
  • Kelmerson Henri Buck, et al. Use of Electrobiographic Photo on Comparison Among Breast Cancer, Healthy Sedentary, and Healthy Runners Women // Center for Advanced Research in Quality of Life (CPAQV), Vol. 8, No. 2, 2016
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  • Yakovleva E. G., Buntseva O. A., Belonosov S.S., Fedorov E.D., Korotkov K., and Zarubina T. V.. Identifying Patients with Colon Neoplasias with Gas Discharge Visualization Technique. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. 2015, 21(11): 720-724. doi:10.1089/acm.2014.0168.
  • D. Muehsam; G. Chevalier; T. Barsotti; B.T. Gurfein. An overview of biofield devices. // Global Adv Health Med. 2015; 4(suppl):42-51. DOI: 10.7453/gahmj.2015.022.suppl
  • Patent US 9,075,093 B2 Date 07/07/2015 Device for measuring electromagnetic field intensity. Korotkov K.G.

Conferences and events with our participation

  • Dmitry Orlov will participate in The Super-Consciousness Workshop by Chris Walton in UK. During this event participants will be measured on Bio-Well to track the changes in their state during the whole workshop, while Sputnik will be registering space energy changes. (24-25th February 2018)
  • Professor Korotkov was given a title of a Peace Ambassador by the royal family of Bali, Indonesia (December 2016).