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All Bio-Well GDV Camera 1.0 owners may apply for an Upgrade, during which motherboard (PCBA) and video camera will be replaced with our latest versions — as standard in our Bio-Well 2.0 model.

Certificate Of Conformity Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

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New features and advantages available with Upgrade

  1. Increased functionality and stability: Lower deviation of measurements means higher reproducibility due to new and improved versions of both the motherboard and video camera.
  2. Increased image capture rate: At 1 image per second (instead of 1 image per 5 seconds in 1.0), a “Full Scan” can be completed in 20 seconds.
  3. New Calibration process: Calibration of the 2.0 is much faster and more accurate as compared to our 1.0 model.
  4. New USB protocol: The Bio-Well GDV Camera 2.0 works with all 64-bit versions of the Mac OS (10.8 through 10.13) and Windows computers. This new protocol also provides faster data exchange between the 2.0 and the connected computer.*
  5. Improved Environment-mode feature: Activity Level of Environment (parameter) can now be calculated with a minimum of only 7 minutes of data (1 image per second), rather than the minimum 35 minutes (1 image per 5 seconds) necessary for Bio-Well 1.0.
  6. Future 2.0-only software feature updates: Due to the technological differences between our 2.0 and 1.0 models, most new features to be released in upcoming versions of the Bio-Well software will only be available for 2.0 users. One such feature will be automatic analysis of the gas discharge glow structure using an integrated artificial intelligence program which will assist users with defining problematic sectors in captured finger images.

* Potential interference by 3rd party software, such as antivirus and antimalware protection, is still possible depending on a user’s computer configuration.

** Upgrade of a Bio-Well 1.0 does not include the fan, used to reduce moisture inside the device while operating in high-humidity environments, which comes standard in our 2.0 model.