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XXI SIS Congress 2017

21st International Scientific Congress "Science. Information. Spirit." will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia on 1-3 July 2017.

Please visit the Official website for additional information.

Online streaming of the congress will be available. Recording of the whole congress is available for only 150$. 

You can watch the 1st day of the XXth SIS congress 2016 on YouTube for free.

Post-Congress Report  of XXth SIS congress 2016 is now available.

Seminari Bio-Well (in italiano)

  • 8-9 Aprile 2017 - Lecce, Italy - Livello 1 - Italiano (Antonia Di Franceso) - (Antonia Di Francesco, +3929698016) -

  • 26-28 maggio 2017 - Borgo D'Ale, Italy - Livello 2 with extra practice on electrodes and Sputnik measurements - Inglese, Italiano (Dmitry Orlov) - (Khudai Daniela Enrico, +393409753145)

Conferences and events (in italiano)

  • Conferenza "Misurazione del campo energetico umano e stati di coscienza". IOMED Centro di Medicina Olistica Integrata Via A.C. Mannarino 2, Lecce, Italy. 17 Marzo 2017, ora 17:30-19:30. IOMED website.

New published papers in 2015-2016 (in italiano)